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I write so that I don't smack people.

Most days, it works.

10 February
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I am the kind of girl who prefers to buy singles over full albums; who gets soy milk in her chai frappucino but whipped cream on top, just because she likes the taste of soy milk; who sleeps better when it's raining and storming outside.

My favorite sentence from any book is from 'The World According To Garp,' by John Irving. It is simply, "Garp admired how the girl liked to use the good old semicolon." I don't know why I like that sentence so much, but there you go. I use a lot of semicolons, too, which I guess is related.

I'm the author of 'Miss Holliday Goes To Dalton' on FanFiction.net, which has the dubious distinction of thus far being the longest fic I've seen that involves Holly Holliday. I don't know how good or bad that is. I just thought it would be hilarious to stick Holly with the Warblers and see what happened. Nothing terribly explosive, so far, I'm disappointed.

I ship Klaine love and Anderberry friendship like the world is gonna end tomorrow. You guys. SQUEE!